NBC Thursday Night Comedy Schedule Changes

I know I promised in my first post that I was going to blog about books I’ve read or that I’m reading, but I just read the news that Community is being pulled from the NBC Thursday night comedy schedule, and I’m just devastated. I’m a loyal fan of the show, and I tune in every Thursday night for it. (I also watch The Office and Parks and Recreation, but I don’t watch Whitney.) According to the news story I read, 30 Rock is taking over Community’s time slot, and Whitney is being moved to Wednesday night, to be replaced on Thursday night by another new sitcom, Up All Night.

Here’s what I think of each of these shows and what I think of the changes to the Thursday night schedule:

Community – This has become my favorite Thursday night show, although this season has been pretty uneven. But some of the earlier episodes of the show have been beyond brilliant. The “Physical Education” episode, where Winger winds up playing pool in his underwear, was nothing short of spectacular. “A Fistful of Paintball” was another dynamite episode, and so were all of the Halloween episodes. I sure hope Community doesn’t get canceled.

Parks and Recreation – This was being billed as a sort of spinoff of The Office when it first aired, and that’s about what it seemed like for the first few episodes. But every change they’ve made to the series has improved it. The ensemble has really come together, and the focus is less on the main character, Leslie Knope, and more on the entire cast. Ron Swanson is hysterical. I’m glad this show doesn’t seem to be in any danger.

The Office – I was rooting for The Office to succeed after Steve Carell left, but let’s face it–the show has gone steadily downhill since the beginning of the fourth season. I liked the idea of Andy as the new boss, and I loved James Spader in the finale last season. But so far, this season just reminds me of After M*A*S*H–it’s sortuva spinoff that no one asked for, but this time, it kept the show’s original name.

30 Rock – At one time, this was the funniest of the Thursday night sitcoms, but it’s started to get repetitive. What crazy stuff is Tracy going to pull this week? Alec Baldwin owns the show though (figuratively speaking), and as long as they keep the focus on his character, I’ll keep watching.

Whitney – This show is just awful. Please cancel it already. Whitney’s not funny, and she’s not adorable. Would I go out on a date with her? Sure. Do I want to watch her lame, trying-too-hard-to-be-funny sitcome on Thursday night? Hell, no.

Up All Night – At least it’s better than Whitney. But even though I like both the leads, I think this show is as doomed as can be. Every time Maya Rudolph is on the screen, the laughs and the momentum shut down completely. They might have been able to pull this show off without her. And I don’t dislike her at all, but I hate her character, and she has no chemistry with the other cast members.


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